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To improve the quality of life for the people of downeast and coastal Maine through applied marine research, technology transfer, and public marine resource education.



The Downeast Institute is the easternmost marine research laboratory and education center in the United States.  DEI offers exceptional research capacity for the scientific community, resulting in economic and educational opportunities for the people of coastal Maine and beyond.



The dynamics of a changing ocean, the necessity for sustainable uses of marine resources, and the opportunities for restoration ecology all position the Downeast Institute for innovative leadership and collaboration in its core work of applied marine research.  DEI will produce commercially important shellfish stock, restoring and creating economic opportunities for fishers, aquaculturists, and other entrepreneurs in downeast and coastal Maine.  As the University of Maine at Machias Marine Science Field Station and local experiential classroom, DEI will enrich the education of area youth, university students and the visiting public.  DEI's pristine coldwater location and expanded state-of-the-art venue will attract leading scientists and their teams for transformative research, generating new knowledge of the marine ecosystem and sustenance for all who depend on it.


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